Docker is a great tool, but it can sometimes consume a lot of disk space. Docker-clean is a simple bash script you can use to remove all docker images and containers:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-clean
$ ./docker-clean --help
-h or --help        Opens this help menu
-v or --version     Prints the current docker-clean version

-a or --all         Stops and removes all Containers, Images, and Restarts docker
-c or --containers  Stops and removes Stopped and Running Containers
-i or --images      Stops and removes all Containers and Images
-net or --networks  Removes all empty Networks
-s or --stop        Stops all running Containers

--dry-run           Adding this additional flag at the end will list items to be
                    removed without running the remove or stop commands

-l or --log         Adding this as an additional flag will list all
                    image, volume, and container deleting output

To stop and remove all Docker containers:

$ ./docker-clean --containers

To remove all Docker images:

$ ./docker-clean --images